This will drive the Greenies at TreeHugger nuts!

by Skip

Over at Breitbart is a post with this headline:     “Coal Use Set To Surpass Oil In  A Decade: IEA“.  I used to go over and post comments over at TreeHugger, as regular readers of the ‘Grok know, and bring the Lefty Enviro-wacko stream of consciousness back here just so that you see what the mindset is (which is, pretty much, you all HAVE to get with our program to save GAIA from our destructive ways).  Smaller is better, and that less is best.  Pretty much, everyone needs to be shoved into tiny apartments into urban areas because, after all, we have to be conscious firstly and always with the energy we are using and the carbon footprint we are using to stomp on future generations lives.  And of course, “white European Developed Nation Guilt” plays a large role in their sackcloth living mantra.  Betcha there’s much wailing and rending of said sackcloth at this:

Coal is set to surpass oil as the world’s top fuel within a decade, driven by growth in emerging market giants China and India, with even Europe finding it hard to cut use despite pollution concerns, according to a report published Tuesday.

“Thanks to abundant supplies and insatiable demand for power from emerging markets, coal met nearly half of the rise in global energy demand during the first decade of the 21st century,” said Maria van der Hoeven, head of the International Energy Agency.

Economic growth is expected to push up further coal’s share of the global energy mix, “and if no changes are made to current policies, coal will catch oil within a decade,” she said in a statement.

 Guess the THers demand that we all (Third World included) do less with, well, less, is being far less heard than what they want!

The latest IEA projections see coal consumption nearly catching oil consumption in four years time, rising to 4.32 billion tonnes of oil equivalent in 2017 against 4.4 billion tonnes for oil.

 But the IEA report on coal found that even countries which have committed themselves to reducing carbon emissions are finding it difficult to resist the renewed allure of coal.

 A number of European countries have seen their use of coal for electricity consumption jump at the beginning of this year, including by 65 percent in Spain, 35 percent in Britain and 8 percent in Germany.

 Even the “civilized” countries have to face a fact: energy usage is directly proportional to living standards.  While there is much to be done with respect to efficiency to be had, it can only go so far.  And what most of the world is saying “we want to live better by OUR standards, not your’s”.  That is why the ONLY method the environmentalists can implement their version of Utopia is to use the force of Government – their powers of popular persuasion have gone limp.

Even their fav policy to implement the “Everybody has to live less” , Cap N Trade, is betraying them:

 This gave a price advantage to coal beginning last year, with the low price of polluting in Europe’s emission trading scheme also a contributing factor.

 “…low coal prices, supported by a low (emissions) price resulted in a significant gas-to-coal switch in Europe,” said the report.

Have a GREAT DAY, TreeHuggers!

Sidenote: a number of commenters at TreeHugger have landed here at the ‘Grok, many because they were banned at TH for being too, shall we say, questioning of the authorities in charge on a constant bases.    I just want to thank you for coming here!


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