There are no school massacres in Israel…

by Tim Condon

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  • A School Teacher with an “Assault” Rifle…OMG!!!

  • C. dog e. doG

    Picture, meet a thousand words.
    – C. dog


    This is funny. Take it from a gun owner who also works in education. If the U.S. ever tried this, a majority of the teachers I know would at first cringe in horror at the guns they were handed, then struggle to determine which end to point towards them and which end to point away from them LOL!

  • let me get this straight: you want to issue military assault weapons to unionized government-school bureaucrats, at taxpayer expense?

  • Brent

    Sam Cohen of Pro-Gun NH says that Israel went to this as a policy in 1973 since the schools there were one of the primary targets of terror. Seems to be working just fine. The school resource officer in my little school district, by her uniform, is an obvious target. But it’s those who are armed that the bad guy can’t immediately determine is the case that completely changes the dynamic. Here it looks as though the class is on a field trip.

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