The Meaning Behind The ‘Holiday Tree’

by Steve MacDonald

It’s time we simplified this whole debate with an image I like to call “The Real Meaning of The Holiday Tree.”

It’s like an x-ray that visualizes the deeper meaning of each.  Merry Christmas!

The true meaning of Holiday has none

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    Ummmm . . . I don’t get it. I mean, why is the holiday tree a barren hardwood in the middle of the desert? Everyone knows that the “Christmas tree” is part of the pagan solstice ritual. It was co-opted by Christians. That being said, I love ’em! In fact . . . and many on here might find this hard to believe and be ABSOLUTELY SURE that I’m lying about what I’m about to write . . . OUR SCHOOL HAS ONE IN THE ATRIUM RIGHT NOW! HAS FOR A WEEK ALREADY!! We’re gettin’ ours this weekend . . . since ours is an “inter-faith home” we’ll make sure to decorate it with lots of blue and white Hanukkah decorations and possibly a menorah or Star of David as a tree-topper!

    ‘Cuz when it comes to December holidays . . . Christmas, Hanukkah, Diwali, solstice . . . they’re all the same. It’s all about celebrating the LIGHT in the middle of darkness. Every culture has it’s version. They’re all great! Because bringing light into the darkest moments is a good thing in any culture, in any language!

  • Luke

    Happy holidays, Grok!

    • granitegrok

      And you too, Sir Luke!

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