The Discovery Channel isn’t going to help with the McNugent meal anymore

by Skip

Yes, Steve’s passing thought was a new item on the Mickey D’s menu, supplied by uber-rocker and hunter, Ted Nugent:

Introducing the Ten Piece McNugent.

Made from the freshest venison, elk, caribou, mountain lion, wild turkey, or any number of other beasts.  There’s really no way to know.  The only guarantee we can give you is that Ted shot it.

Sadly, the Discovery Channel has submerged Ted’s show into the deep vat fryer forever due to “poor ratings”.  Well, I certainly did my part as I liked watching his absolute “living to the max” in everything he did – here is a man that wasn’t IN a reality show, he WAS the show!  And like him or not, like the constant verbiage or not, he seemed to be very good at what he does.

I’d actually half believe it but Discovery also has decided to no longer run “American Guns” as well – a show about a successful gun shop that dealt in higher end collectable guns as well as gunsmithing a lot of cool items for customers.  Look, all reality shows end up have some “drama” put in them, but it was a decent show to watch and the emphasis on hard work, pleasing the customer, attention to detail, and that when it is all said and done, results matter (not intentions).  I did read that last season (its second) had ratings 50% better than the first one – after all, who can resist a show that blows stuff up at the end?

So, add Discovery Channel to the firms that haven’t an iota of calcium in their backbones and running away from controversial stuff after Sandy Hook (like Dick’s Sporting Goods, Cerebus, and Cheaper Than Dirt!).  we may be seeing more of this “Van Jones” style operation – this rumor from Free Republic:

To: All

Regarding previous, emailed a friend at Academy HQ. He said they are getting behind the scenes political pressure to ‘shut down sales or you will be shut down’. All major retailers are getting this call.

Someone needs to blow the whistle at what is going on.

Why am I not surprised….it is unclear if there really is such a thing, but given that Government has become so large, I can easily see why a company would knuckle under rather than try to fight what could be a regulation tsunami thrown at them.  Given the Obama Administration penchant for vindictiveness, too, who wants a constant litany of “oh, you like killing school kids too?” thrown at them?

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