Talking? Shouldn’t you ask your Boss about “talking” to people first?

by Skip

It seemed semi-coincidental that after I put up the posts on the NH GOP E-Board angst (I and II, with a side dish here) that I had a tweet sent my way by Kerry Marsh:

Tweet Kerry Marsh To Skip: talk

My take is that both Jim Foley and Steve Duprey DID their talking (in either a series of emails to a few, and then to more than a few) as well as talking to all of us via John DiStaso.

But I was rather bemused at the next notification – a retweet of Kerry Marsh’s tweet:

Tweet Retweet Amelia Chasse

Yes, that would be Amelia Chasse of The Hill, Hynes Communications and, it turns out, still of the NH Journal (listen here as she talks to Paul Wescott of WGIR-AM).

I thought it quite ironic that she’s urging me to talk when her Boss at NH Journal (that would be Shawn Millerick) decided to make up a story and not talk to one, two, three, four, five, er, six people as he reported on their whereabouts and skullduggery (not!).

Glass and stones, Amelia!

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  • nhsteve


    Actually Skip,, this makes perfect sense. Millerick doesn’t talk to Kimbal, or Murphy, or Barton or anyone else before reporting a meeting that didn’t happen, and Chasse didn’t talk to Millerick about how stupid it would be if she retweeted Kerry Marsh’s tweet about how we should talk to each other.

    It’s cleary all part of NH Journal’s House Style for political fiction writers. If you know the truth and you write fiction, there’s no integrity in that. But if you have plausible deniability then you can keep doing it and call it journalism instead of just opinion.

  • C. dog e. doG

    Girl Power!

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