Surprise! Real U.S. national debt is $86.8 trillion.

by Tim Condon

I swear. The Wall Street Journal has better letters-to-the-editor than any other newspaper. Sometimes they educate all by themselves. For instance, here are comments on a piece about our real national debt being over $85 TRILLION, not the measly $16 trillion obediently reported by the media: From George Leef in Raleigh, North Carolina:

“The business model of the Democratic Party is to win elections by promising people unearned benefits….The recent election showed that the state of the economy is of no concern to hordes of Americans, who can be driven to the polls with nothing more than the threat that, if the Democrats lose, their government goodies will be cut.”

From Mike Johnson in Montague, Massachusetts: “The [$86.8 trillion] numbers are staggering and suggest a future cataclysmic fix, in whatever form that may mean….Think about that. How are we going to pay for it?”

From Larry Buchmiller in Albuquerque, New Mexico: “It is already too late….Continued expansion of the money supply will result in hyperinflation, followed by economic collapse. True spending cuts, as we have seen, aren’t politically acceptable in our current culture. Spending cuts will occur…in the form of defaults by the U.S. government on its obligations. It simply will not be able to meet Medicare and Social Security obligations as they become due. The Treasury won’t be able to sell its bonds at any price.”

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