Someone Else Now A Solid Second For NH-GOP Chairman

by Steve MacDonald

What a difference five days makes.  Last tuesday we reported on a poll running at the political fiction section of the NH Blogosphere (also known as NH Journal), in which the establishment candidate for NH-GOP chairman, Jennifer Horn was running in third place behind Andrew Hemingway and ‘Someone Else.’

A few hours later we updated that story with a report of an alert on Horn’s Facebook page about the poll that had pushed her into second but that surge seems to have vanished.  ‘Someone Else’ is now leading Jen Horn by 11 points.

We must (again) acknowledge that this is not a scientific poll.  It is not limited to voting GOP committee members.

This is also NHJournal so we have no idea if we can even trust these results but one thing is certain –It’s damn funny.   And based on what I’m hearing from the various appearances at committee meetings around the state, Andrew Hemingway has energy, enthusiasm, a plan and a new vision for the future of the party, while Jen Horn has the same old recycled NH-GOP message that got us where we are right now and the same old establishment games that got Jennifer where she is and where he is….in the race for NH-GOP Chair.

If you missed them…

Here’s Andrew talking to John Burt on NH Politics


And here is Andrew speaking to Rep Kevin Avard on Gate City Chronicles


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  • This is just desserts. This is what you (should) experience from having the party bullies clear your path for you.
    Nature abhors a vacuum. NH conservatives abhor “unopposed”.
    Jennifer could have run against Cliff Hurst, and she would have had a decent number of supporters. Cliff might still have won, but it would have been a fair fight.
    Unfortnately, many denials to the contrary, the elites told Wayne MacDonald not to run, and told Clff that they’d ruin him and the party if he won. And so, Jennifer announced ‘unopposed’, angering a large portion of the party she hopes to lead.
    An avoidable PR disaster.
    Go Andrew!

  • And to those who say now is the time for unity, I say NO!
    The time for unity is n an election year.
    The time for a feisty debate about the direction of the party is now.
    If the elites again try to wreck the party because they disagree with the people’s choice of chairman, then we should burn the party and start a new one, before we are too close to the election. Remember Doug Hoffman? He almost won NY23 as the CONSERVATIVE party candidate. Only a fit of pique by the losing establishment hack (she endorsed the Democrat) prevented him from being congressman Hoffman.
    Party hacks are the problem, not conservatives.

  • C. dog e. doG

    A breath of fresh air blows into the smoke-filled backroom where deals are made.
    – C. dog

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