So, CNN blabbermouth Piers Morgan decided to expound on the 2nd Amendment too?

by Skip

Herd instinct and “mee too”-ism of the talking punditry class – of the “You don’t need that” kind.  Ya’d think a Brit would get the idea of self-defense (Magna Carta and common law, y’all).  Well, The Corner has the amusing Twitter spat that showed how outgunned (heh!) Piers Morgan was in this word duel on Twitter.  So he decides to make the FACT that parts of the Constitution no longer apply simply due to the age of the document.  Muskets, swords, primitive cannons, horses – how COULD a modern AR-15 have been contemplated by the Founders?

Piers Morgan on the 2nd Amentment -1


Stupid Constitutionalists – that was so 18th century and so, well, times have changed – no longer apply.  Fortunately, somebody who actually understands the Constitution decided to “correct” him:

Piers Morgan on the 2nd Amentment -2








And Carol was absolutely correct – the Constitution has nothing to do with technology.

Morgan has fallen right into the snare in which Progressives always end up – they believe it to be only about Governance (and they mostly disagree with these old white rich guys anyways) while the Founders actually were all about human nature – and setting up structure to constrain and contain what they knew to be the evil nature of those that wish to control others.  But Carol leads him in…

Piers Morgan on the 2nd Amentment -3








She just HAD to be smiling as she typed that (just like when folks that know the Constitution hear “separation of Church and State”.  She nails him, and it,…

Piers Morgan on the 2nd Amentment -4







…shut tight.

 Using his own words against his own ignorance.


(H/T: The Corner)

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