Senator Joe “I don’t know anyone that needs 30 rounds in a clip to go hunting.” Manchin seemed to enjoy himself

by Skip

That would be Senator Joe Manchin, Democrat.  Who famously used a rifle during a campaign commercial vowing to kill the EPA Cap N Trade bill.  He certainly has touted his NRA credentials.  However, just like most Liberal politicians, he’s stuck the wet pinkie in the air and pivoted so quick his feet are 6″ in the ground now that the Progressives have turned a sad tragedy into a political cause celebre.  Sure, he said “I don’t know anyone that needs 30 rounds in a clip to go hunting“, but he certainly seem to enjoy himself while shooting this tricked out semi-automatic AR-15 WITH AN EXTENDED MAGAZINE.  Throw in a red dot sight, and he’s ready to go hunting too.

Senator Joe Manchin shooting an AR-15

Senator Joe Manchin shooting an AR-15Once again, we see someone taking advantage when it benefits him and throwing it under the political bus when he realizes it would kill him politically.

Consistency?  Hardly ever when it comes to Democrats.  He knows that he’s become a poster child for gun control simply because he’s made a big deal of his NRA credentials – so if HE says so-called assault rifles with big mags should be banned, well, that should be the end of the discussion.

Tell me, if you are looking down the north end of a rifle, wouldn’t you be thinking that ALL rifles would be “assaulting” in that scenario regardless of what it looks like?

I have finally figured out why ARs are deemed scary by Liberals – once again, they can only see skin deep – and have no urge to figure out that what is under it is the real thing (or person) to consider).  Whether it is a person or a thing, they only seem to be concerned with outer appearances.

Face it, shoot an AR without having to reload every freaking time is just fun.  Forcing law-abiding folks who just like to have some fun plinking at paper and steel targets (like me and TMEW) to have to reload constantly while paying for lane time at the local range just would cost us more and cause us to shoot less.  But I guess that is the end game, isn’t it?  It isn’t about safety, it is about control and the Progressive demand that we “perfect ourselves” according to their desires.

And “perfection” means only them (the State) should have guns.

(H/T: Breitbart)

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  • allen

    “I don’t know anyone that needs 30 rounds in a clip to go hunting“

    unless, of course, you’re hunting tyranny and it’s agents. then the unorganized militia (all persons 17-45, according to US constitution, article10,section 13) really needs them.

    which is the point of the 2nd amendment. “sporting use” (the way they get this “hunting” thing into the conversation) was lifted directly from Nazi weapons law (18 march 1938), translated for Senator Thomas J. Dodd, and sections put word for word into GCA68.

    they call us “nazis” but they’re the only ones putting nazi law into US law.

    also reference the battle of athens, also known as the mcminn county war. had a lot to do with vote fraud, and the returning veterans having enough of it.

  • Tim from Nashua

    Joe Manchin is kind of like those ‘pro-life’ DemocRats that voted for ObamaCare (Bart Stupak, for one). The NRA, in it’s attempt to be bi-partisan, give some DemocRats cover, with their seal of approval. If our 2nd Amendment is infringed upon in the near future, the organization with the ‘SUCKER’ tatooed across their forehead, will be the NRA.
    There are no Pro-Life DemocRats. There are no Defenders of the 2nd Amendment in the DemocRat Party.

  • This is a bunch of tiresome crap…30 rounds to go hunting? Seriously? Why do we let these bastards get away with it every time they corrupt and lie about context? First, I know of NO states that do not impose a limit on how many rounds a firearm may contain when hunting. In New Hampshire it is six…five in a magazine…one in the chamber….no fully jacket ammunition allowed for hunting….For waterfowl three is the max…a plug must be installed in the magazine tube of a shotgun to hold two shells and one in the chamber. I know this because I hunt…I am responsible for this…I will pay heavy fines if I am caught violating these rules….and you know what? its very rare that any Conservation Officer is around and checks…but then there is ethics…ethics means I do the right thing when nobody is looking….and ethics is something that is sorely missing in Joe the Hunter Manchin…He knows damn well…

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