“School Security Guards Don’t Work” Hypocrites

by Steve MacDonald

sidearmOfficer[NBC’s David] Gregory also claimed that security guards don’t work. “But you would concede that, as good as an idea as you think this is, it may not work. Because there have been cases where armed guards have not prevented this kind of massacre, this kind of carnage. I want you would concede that point, wouldn’t you?,” the NBC anchor said.

Armed security doesn’t work? Well, then the question must be asked of Gregory why he sends his own kids to a school with just that sort of protection?

As it happens, Gregory sends his kids to D.C.-based Sidwell Friends, the same expensive, high-end school the President sends his own children to. Every day that school features armed security details. In fact, the security department is quite large for such a small school as Daniel Halper points out.

According to a scan of the school’s online faculty-staff directory, Sidwell has a security department made up of at least 11 people. Many of those are police officers, who are presumably armed.

Halper also reminds readers that because the President’s children go to the school, there is also an armed Secret Service detail at the school.

Gregory isn’t the only one putting himself in this hypocritical box, though. Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel was reportedly “outraged” at the NRA’s security guard plan. But Emanuel also sends his kids to a school that has armed guards plying the hallways every school day. (Not to mention his fully armed personal security detail that shadows him everywhere he goes.)

So, why are armed guards good for the President, Mayor Emanuel, and NBC’s David Gregory, but not the rest of us?

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  • Susan

    We who are not worthy deserve no protection……….right?

    • well, we are often referred to as the “unwashed masses”

  • Gregory misleads on this issue….I personally do not believe “Uniformed” armed security works because generally, only one or two are there …The uniform distinguishes them above all others making them an instant target. for a nutter with a gun…They might be crazy, but not stupid. It would be fine to arm seven to ten teachers willing to train for that. Of course, thats not realistic because 1) The Unions would screw that up; 2) Some teachers would use the force of the Union to oppose arming of fellow teachers.

    • Which is why separating the schools from the nions is a very good idea.
      Let me ask: are the teachers at the high end private schools unionized? If not, that would make Gregory, O’Bummer, and Rahmbo into double hypocrites.

  • mer

    That point needs to start getting hammered home. “David, why is the life of your child worth more than mine?” Start asking Schumer and Feinstein the same: “Is your life worth more than mine”

  • And this from Michelle Malkin, about a small town in Colorado where deputized and trained volunteer posses help to secure the schools:

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