This is SPOT ON! And what do all those “roots” have in common? They’re so much more difficult to tackle, especially when you could just have a knee-jerk, gun grab mentality and just start passing all sorts of anti-gun legislation that – given the fact that the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior – won’t be enforced, just as the gun laws we have now aren’t being enforced.

    Was at a jam session at a friend’s house last night – tho of the guys are, like myself, gun owners. They were remarking how quickly the local shops are selling out of “assault-style” weapons and .223 ammo. Perhaps I should consider another caliber when it comes time to purchase my wife’s birthday present – her first deer rifle? I always thought of the .223 as an excellent choice in terms of ammo availability but methinks that might change if the anti-gun nuts get their way. It’s ironic though that my second choice, the 7mm-08 is actually MORE powerful than a .223. Try explaining that to the Limey on CNN!