Progressives truly believe that laws change EVERYONE's behavior - and ignore everyone's nature. - Granite Grok

Progressives truly believe that laws change EVERYONE’s behavior – and ignore everyone’s nature.

What a rather silly notion, Skip.  Why, if Progressives actually believed Law, we Conservatives would never have had a (sad) hoot of a time with Sec. of Treasuery Timothy “Turbo Tax” Geitner, Sec of Labor Hilda Solis, Cabinet wannabe Tom Dashle and the other assorted current denizens of the White House staff who have “under obeyed” well known and understood tax Laws.  All it took, as they derided “the rich for not paying their ‘fair’ share”, was to just not bother to whip out their checkbook or credit card.  Paying THEIR fair share to the Govt that they administer?  Doing the right thing?   Those are just laws for the masses…

..just not for them, the “enlightened” ones.  Or so it seems.

They just don’t get it – people watch so-called leaders.  They look for consistency – will they stay the course or do they fold?  Do they do things and pass laws that are truly for the “common good” (whatever that means anymore) or just for some special interest group?  Do they say one thing to one set of people, and another to yet a different group?  Does their public persona match that of the private one?

Or their morality?  Or how they have changed what sets our public morality?

Progressives are now reaping the results of the same crimes against our “shared” culture.  Again, they have had control of the levers of power in the Arts, the Media, of Hollywood, and Music for many decades – they are the ones who shaped the outlook and internalization of what is good and what is bad.  They claim that they are “downstream” of the culture, that they “reflect” it – and we are supposed to believe that when we listen to the music and we watch the movies and we read the books and we watch the TV and sit in the theater?  We have seeing the results of the glorification of violence for no apparent reason, the desensitizing of of the human soul to that violence.  We see the bashing of traditionalism, of respect, of women, of the elderly, and the successful?  We see the loosing of the bonds of self-restraint in every 360 turn we take, we see the denigration of those of faith, and of manners.  We have seen the coarsening of the culture for years, yet those who have spotlighted it have received nothing but scorn and laughter.  We have seen the outright capitulation of faith leaders, those that were entrusted with the upholding of moral standards, bowing down to “cultural relevancy” at the cost of their souls, blessing what was once blasphemy as sex outside of marriage and the killing of 50 million children through abortion.

The Educators teach our kids that what is wrong by the standards of parents at home is perfectly fine there and in society (like “let’s go play with condoms and cucumbers today, kiddies!”).  And do we need to add “shhh – don’t tell your parents; we’ll take you out of school after 3rd period and we’ll remove that little ball of life that you made as a result of an unprotected bad decision”.  And that taking from others which is not earned by you is wrong if done at the point of a gun at your heart but not by the point of a pen on a legislative piece of paper.  Concentrating on self-esteem and how lovely you are, caring is sharing, and diversity and non-offense and a ton of other stuff – and they can’t read it, spell it, or total it up.

Just like Obama is doing now with Operation Humiliation with Congressional Republicans – polarize, freeze, and minimize, these culture mavens have done to those that refuse to “progress forward” (er, maybe because we see the culture about the play the main role of the HMS Titanic since you folks put the icebergs in place).  That’s what Progressives have done for decades.

And then they wonder why reprehensible things happen in Society?  That no matter how many laws are passed, they’ve conditioned the populaces’ internal guidance to ignore them?

As Grokster Rick pointed out, Connecticut has the 5th most stringent gun laws in the nation – and an evil person ignored them all.  And that is the point.  Progressives believe that they can “perfect” us in the process of creating their Utopia.  They CANNOT allow their Utopia NOT be created.  Just like with Communism (we just haven’t had the right people to implement it to work right), they will say (sorta sideways) that they just don’t have the right mix of Laws to prod us to ‘be better”.  They will never realize, or come to grips with, that their implementation of “external governance (more and more laws and regulations) can never match the internal governance (that small still voice inside)  that once was the hallmark of our society.  They are bedazzled by the sense that if sufficient number of “legal bars” are placed around individual, all will be fine.  As a software engineer, I know that NO ONE can completely figure out all scenarios of the human existence; Progressives are all ready hurtling off the cliff and don’t even realize it with their hubris that they can, indeed, know what is best for everyone and do exactly what they can’t.

Truly, this Lanza murderer was an evil, twisted person – do not let this rant have you believe that I think otherwise that he and he alone is responsible for this even..  Evil people will always do what their black heart says to – I just believe that the cultural war waged by the Progressive Left to change the culture to better unmoor the US from its true cultural, historical, religious, and philosophical roots simply for political gain has made it just that much more easy for evil people to do harm. The Founders held that our Republic could only be for a virtuous people – can anyone say that it still is?

Their only response is to call for more laws – never recognizing that in doing so they become that which they accuse others – Oppressors.  The “Plan” must be followed, for it leads to their sense of what a Utopia should be for all.  And that is the problem and the danger that we see before us now – a crisis not to be wasted in moving to that Socialist / Progressive Utopia. Even

And away from the Utopia of the Founders – which was that we would be free to find our own – each of us, individually.

(Image H/T: Liberal Logic 101)