Paging Bill Binnie – The Nashua Telegraph Is Up For Sale!

by Steve MacDonald

Bill Binnie has been buying up media in New Hampshire.  WBIN-TV!  He just scooped up some radio stations.  And hey, wouldn’t a major Granite State newspaper be a great edition?  I think so, so how about the Nashua Telegraph?

That’s right, the family that owns that liberal bird-cage liner (based out of Pennsylvania–say hi to Mike Brunelle for me) is getting out of the Newspaper business, including the Bedford Journal, the Hollis Brookline Journal, the Merrimack Journal and Milford Cabinet, liberal rags to the last.

In addition to The Telegraph, Independent Publications’ holdings in New Hampshire includes the Bedford Journal, the Hollis Brookline Journal, the Merrimack Journal and Milford Cabinet.

Publishing assets of another company owned by IPI, McLean Communications Inc., based in Manchester, were sold to Yankee Publishing Inc. of Dublin on Friday.

McLean publishes New Hampshire Business Review, New Hampshire Magazine, New Hampshire Home and Parenting New Hampshire. Yankee is a family publishing business that produces some of New England’s most well-known titles.

The Telegraph will continue until a buyer is found and we can only hope it’s not the parent of the Monitor or Herald or Sentinel or whomever owns these other fish-wrappers in our state.  We could use another voice from the center right to balance things out a bit.  So Bill, call Jim Bender and some of your Republican buddies and see if they want to invest in trying to run a newspaper the right way.

I have no idea what that is but if you’d like to leave a spot on your editorial page for GraniteGrok, we’d be happy to make the liberals buy subscriptions just so we can make them bleed from their eyes.


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  • allen

    am I the only one that gets a “used car salesman sleasy” gut feeling from Binnie? I know he “stacked the room” at our 912 meeting, and once we asked any difficult questions he suddenly “ran out of time” and his handlers rushed him out of the hall.

    • Peter

      I got that impression with Bender, but not from Binnie. Which 912 meeting were you at? I was at the one in Dover, and he didn’t seem dodgy… He even stayed afterwards to talk beyond his speech!

      • allen

        rockingham 912. I have since removed myself from that group. I didn’t like the cozyness with the “director” of the NH tea party coalition, which had sent some inappropriate e-mails to the group. indulge in whatever conspiracy theories you like, but don’t do it in the name of others. I called them out on it, and was told to sit down shut up and make nice because she was “very powerful”. wrong is wrong, powerful or not.

        • nhsteve

          Binnie has the sheen of a successful capitalist, which sometimes has the sleazy salesman aire to it, but he has resourced, he is interested in New Hampshire, he’s not a Democrat, and he clearly is not a liberal, so while I’d not elect him to office I’d be happy to have him running a media empire–even a small one, because it would lean center right and (keep them from leaning left) and we need as much of that as we can get.

  • C. dog e. doG

    Steve –
    I hope you would also make an appearance on that NH political roundtable show on Sunday. That I would actually watch.
    – C. dog seeking spectator sport

    • nhsteve

      Well thanks, but that’s not my medium. Not yet anyway.

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  • Van

    Buy Bill Buy and turn the Telegraph into a real paper. Perhaps he can he can buy the Monitor and change that liberal rag into a real paper.

  • Chris

    Did you get fired from a newspaper… Your angst towards them is palpable.

    • nhsteve

      Me? No. I like newspapers. But I am not a fan of the Telegraph, who also owns and manages my town paper, which they also use to promote Democrat candidates and issues. They try to pretend it’s not so but it is. I’ve written about more than a few examples.

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