Oh maaaan…I don’t know whether to say…

by Tim Condon

damn, O.M.G., or…we’re screwed. Here’s why:

This is a mixed quote from an article in the Weekly Standard by Jonathan Last: “Limited government ‘cannot be maintained where the marriage culture collapses and families fail to form or easily dissolve. Where these things happen, the health, education, and welfare functions of the family will have to be undertaken by someone, or some institution, and that will sooner or later be the government. Marriage is what makes the entire Western project—liberalism, the dignity of the human person, the free market, and the limited, democratic state—possible. The two greatest institutions ever devised for lifting people out of poverty and enabling them to live in dignity are the market economy and the institution of marriage. These institutions will, in the end, stand or fall together.”

And guess what? America is becoming “a nation of singles.” Increasingly, people simply aren’t getting married. And being single and unmarried, they’re tending not to have children. Western Civilization? Kiss it goodbye if current trends continue. Read all about it HERE and HERE.

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  • C. dog e. doG

    Marriage: a social contract whose terms are shrouded in mystery, written in invisible ink, and decided by millionaire lawyers in a court of kangaroos… But hey, you get a niffy license from the Grate State of New Hamsters to hang on the wall as a souvenir (but no old-man profile ?). Gee, wunder why fewer people are stepping up to this alter of insanity.
    – C. dog deftly avoiding societal potholes

  • GreenMartian

    And why is this happening? You can thank the feminazis. They have stacked the system against men, and men have finally woken up to see that marriage is a very bad deal.

    Younger men have watched their fathers, cousins, brothers and friend be destroyed by divorce courts. Today’s women feel free to dissolve a marriage at the drop of a hat, to feel “fulfilled” or whatever the reason happens to be. The courts usually give them at least half the assets, the car, the house and custody of the kids. The men are then on the hook for alimony, child support, etc. Men become financial slaves to their ex-wives.

    What sane young man would sign a contract with today’s american woman???? Marriage will never recover in this country until the system becomes balanced and fair. Demonizing men, and enabling women to engage in the financial rape of their husbands has destroyed the marriage contract in America.

    • C. dog e. doG

      Hey Greenie – where might one go to view the terms and conditions of this contract of which you speak? Try as I might, I have yet to unearth such a thing, but a state license, now that seems plum easy enough to obtain. Why, it’s almost like the system is designed to let the minnows in, but charge a mighty sum to get out. Wunder why? – C. dog

  • HotShot

    Where can blame really lie? Lawyers contracting away the true benefit of vows[not you Tom], birth control pill, why buy the cow when the milk is free, fear of responsiblity, child support payments has turned to unearned income, Lack of virtue, society has taxed and regulated away the ability to grow confidents in the future. Media, and hollywood influence. Brakes down to the long term plan of a facist communist govt goal. Obama never recieved the votes that weekly standard would ever admit.

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