Now if this was a Republican saying this…

by Skip

But just as Booker [Corey Booker, Democrat Mayor of Newark, NJ] announced he would seek the Senate seat, Harry Reid came out to sabotage the effort. Reid told Politico:

I always support incumbent senators. I would always support Lautenberg or anyone else that’s running for reelection. He’s (Booker) a very good man, he would be a good senator. Of course we have to work out a few issues, but he would be a wonderful senator and he’s a great man.

That would be US Senator Harry Reid (D-Nevada), the Majority Leader of that same US Senate.  An old white guy dissing a black guy while sending the signal “we don’t want you – we’ll call you when I’m ready for you to present yourself”.

Now if Mitch McConnell were to say that (also a US Senator and an old white guy, but a Republican and the US Senate Minority Leader), we wouldn’t be hearing the first lowering from the faux outraged Political Correctness crowd as well as the Political Opportunist Club members.

But Harry Reid?  <cricket, cricket, cricket>

Consistency? <cricket, cricket, cricket>

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