Notable Quote – Dr. Larry Arrn

by Skip

Imprimis: In a discussion with Hugh Hewitt, on the weakness / tyranny of Progressivism:

No, and I don’t mean that. What I mean is that the principles of Progressivism that animate our government today, which are antithetical to the principles of the American Founding, lead to policies that cannot work, will not work, and result in obvious injustices. That is its weakness, and that provides cause for hope. But by the way, there is a parallel with the great twentieth century tyrannies: The modern bureaucratic form of government cannot remain accountable to the people, so in the fullness of time it will become despotic. That’s not the intention of anybody who runs it today, or at least not very many people. But that is its direction.

– Dr. Larry Arrn, President of Hillsdale College

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