NHGOP Exec Committee Backs Off

by Steve MacDonald

NH GOP Executive Committee Backs Off Fee for Committee members

Back Off Varmint!

The NH-GOP Executive Committee (EC) met recently (last night I believe) and bye-bye a vote of 11-8 decided to waive the committee participation fee, referred to by most opponents as the poll tax.

This $25.00 “formerly known as almost-sorta-kinda-mandatory” donation will get a wavier from the Establishment for 2013.  Voting committee members will not be strongly encouraged (required) to pony up the dead presidents for the privilege of voting party matters, the most important of which is for the next party Chairman.

The original measure to extort donations from voting committee members was approved by unanimous EC vote.

A by law change will likely be recommended to ensure that any future ‘fundraising mandates’ of this nature will be put before the entire state committee for a vote.  Spec Bowers, who posted these details on Facebook, noted that while some Executive Committee members did like the idea of a by-law change, because it was not discussed at that meeting there is no clear sign of how much support the measure might actually have.

We at the Grok, many of whom are voting committee members, are happy to offer our support for your idea, and will gladly apply whatever leverage we have to keep the poll tax dead and buried until such time as the entire state committee votes differently.

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