My after-Christmas shopping list…

by Susan Olsen

I agree with author Jim Rawles when he commented on Her Majesty Feinstein’s proposed legislation:

‘If this is enacted, we can expect a nationwide shortage of 8″ diameter PVC pipe threaded end caps!’

Making a list, checking it twice.

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  • mer

    I wonder where the NH Constitution plays into this. State preemption perhaps?


    I clicked on your “Jim Rawles” link but it went nowhere. Care to repost? BTW, love you on the Brady Bunch.

    • Susan

      His site is called “Survival Blog’……

      • IWKAGGP


  • Sam Adams

    Rawles is the American Redoubt, google it and you will see his Blog. He advocates the free state is between Casade mountains and west of Rockies.

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