Michigan Right To Work…Voters Set The Stage

by Steve MacDonald

Lee Stranahan has a nice Graphic that gives us a view of how voters in Michigan sent a signal to their state representatives.

In a state Obama won easily by 9 points, a ballot measure to make collective barging a constitutional right in that state failed by 15 points.  Stranhan suggests that the confluence of these to sets of votes–as contradictory as they might seem–was  a message to legislators that there was room for Right to Work in Michigan.

MI-Mandatejpg Voters reject union amendment taken as sign to pass RTW

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  • Tim from Nashua

    In translating DemocRat-speak, whenever DemocRats said/say, “middle class”, insert unions. Codifying collective bargaining into a state constitutional right was probably too great a power-grab by the unions( DemocRat middle class ). The teachers union in that state will have to work harder in their propaganda efforts to line the union coffers.

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