Many Still Ask Why…

by Rick Olson

“The police cannot protect the citizen at this stage of our development, and they cannot even protect themselves in many cases. It is up to the private citizen to protect himself and his family, and this is not only acceptable, but mandatory.” —Jeff Cooper

Twenty Children and six adults are dead. Senseless, violently shot down by a pistol-wielding nutcase named Adam Lanza. Those of us who have children can only imagine the grief being experienced right now by the families; And, happening so close to Christmas, a time for, well, children; The surrealism of it all…Life literally stops right now for these families. It isn’t fair, or just, or right. This is just plain senselessness.

And before the bodies were removed, calls for stricter gun control reached the airwaves. Death threats against the NRA from those who would otherwise advocate for society-sans-guns. Today I was asked why? Frankly, I do not know why. What makes a person spiral downward within to a point where he (or she) might want to take a knife, or gun or motor vehicle and inflict carnage on the lives of others? But if I could guess, I think the direction lies in the lamestream media.

Whether we are talking about Columbine, Paducah, The movie theater shooter, The Shooter in the Oregon Mall or any of the others, there is but one constant that few are speaking of. The shooter gets his 48 hours of fame that devolves into an eternal infamy. These gunmen get their own Wiki pages forever immemorializing their heinous acts. In the quest for ratings, lamestream media is all too willing to aid and abet these killers in carving out their own little slice of History. I would suggest that if the quality of the fame is immaterial to these shooters then it is of no consequence that they will be remembered as Mass murders. The LameStream Liberal Media in its quest for ratings on the backs of dead children contributes substantially to this trend.  The next one will try and outdo Adam Lanza and achieve a higher body count, no doubt.

Second, is security in our schools. Frankly, I don’t think school administrators or our society is really very serious about taking a good hard practical look at security in schools. Schools are locked down and people need to be buzzed in…Often times, people are simply buzzed in as part of some secretarial multi-task. So I take a deep breath and I type….(I’m going to be called a nut job, but so be it) Arm teachers. Teach them how to handle firearms. Run some drills. Fact is, these armed lunatics always seem to end up where there is an equal force ready to counter what they throw down.  Ever hear of an armed mass murderer shooting up a place where there is a high concentration of armed people? I didn’t think so. Better to have a firearm and not need it than to need a firearm and not have it. (yes, a cliché, but befitting of the post)

Finally, The mental Health issue. There are currently laws in place that address the mental fitness of a person to possess guns; Mental Health professionals are duty bound and obligated to initiate reports but none seem to in these cases. We as a society see somebody acting bizarrely, it’s somebody else’s problem to deal with, not ours.

We as a society can run roughshod over all of the gun-owning law-abiding citizens and create a whole plethora of laws likening us to the European Union and as long as there are deranged criminals who don’t give a lick about all the laws, there will be bloodshed.  Think about that when the next massacre comes.

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