King Obama ordering his minion to demand of the serf – The Imperial Presidency

by Skip

BHO's Xmas Wishes(H/T: Mac)

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  • Stephen Jacoby

    A completely disgusting and misleading cartoon designed to trick the truly stupid into believing our President is somehow an evil person. The person who created this (as well as the person who posted it here) are scum.

    • granitegrok

      Tell me, Stephen, which of the text in the cartoon are not correct? Via the HHS regulation, he is perverting the First Amendment’s “freedom of expression” to merely “freedom to worship within a set of 4 walls *I* define to be a church. He HAS made recess appointments even as the Senate has specifically said that it is not in recess. He has a kill list for drone attacks, and there is much angst concerning that he can kill Americans abroad without due process (although given that Al-Awaki openly declared himself an enemy of the US and planned actions that killed US military, I could give Obama some slack). He has already declared several laws to be not to his liking, so he (via DOJ) will not defend them. He has various Depts (notably the EPA, the FCC, the Interior Dept, and HHS) making up new regulations that either ignore their their authorizational legislation or contravene them.

      That is the evilness – the perversion of the Rule of Law. Without that key pillar of classic Western LIberalism (not the current crop of Progressives that have also called themselves Liberals), we sink back into despotism.

      And the only people that are scum are those guilty of such cultish hero worship that allow it happen.

    • C. dog e. doG

      He is evil, but then again, so are all pols.
      – C. dog merely stating the obvious

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