Kevin Landrigan – how often do you call the subjects of your reporting?

by Skip

Kevin Landrigan?  Did you even BOTHER to contact Jack?  Or is this merely simple plagiarism?

“Defrocked Republican State Chairman Jack Kimball hosted a meeting Friday to express outrage about the Horn ascendancy and volunteered to run against her if no one else would.”

You need to read the ‘Grok more often, or are your sources the same as Millerick’s?

Jack Kimball:


Just was sent your article by one of the people who was mentioned as a participant in the fictitious meeting you described. He was quite upset that he wasn’t invited. Hell, I didn’t even invite myself.

Let me be clear: I don’t know where you got your information but it is completely false. In fact, it is so incorrect that it proves that you have virtually no credibility as a writer. I have held no meetings nor have I participated in meetings of any kind at any location that involved the NH GOP Chairmanship…

Award winning journalist – mmm, mmm, mmm

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