It was only a matter of time for the low-lifes to show up….

by Skip

SOMEBODY has to be responsible, right?  NY Daily News:

A lawyer who’s asking to sue Connecticut for $100 million on behalf of a 6-year-old Newtown school shooting survivor who heard violence over the school’s intercom system says the potential claim is about improving school security, not money.

It’s about living in a world that’s safe,” New Haven attorney Irving Pinsky told The Associated Press on Saturday. “The answer is about protecting the kids.”

…The child heard “conversations, gunfire and screaming” over Sandy Hook’s intercom after someone in the office apparently switched on the system, according to the claim. Pinsky said Saturday he didn’t know whether his client saw anyone die.

The state Board of Education, Department of Education and state education commissioner failed to protect the child “from foreseeable harm,” including by failing to provide a safe school setting, the filing said.

And this is the problem with both our legal system AND in the fantasy land that Progressives and Liberals live in – note to the not-able-to-think-things-thru clueless “thinkers” and Utopians, there is not such thing that exists that is “living in a world that’s safe“.  Never has been in history and never will be either. However, in this modern world where so many are truly disconnected of the reality of real life when the veneer of civilization is removed (re: look at how tough life really is for those in third world countries without our “advanced accommodations”).  There is true evil in the world that no planning and no drilling can account for.  What we saw in Connecticut was that true evil in full view – yet the Progressives wish to either pass over that gruesome fact at best and ignore it at worst.  After all, we can’t have a Utopia without “progressed” people (either on their own or “nudged” (usually by force) into it by Government) can we, and EVIL people just so screw up that narrative of what is possible.  Thus, the anger over guns – which services two purposes – hides the fact that the Progressive Utopia can never be achieved (and is unable to sustain it self to boot) and serves to disarm folks (making it harder for opposition to react and oppose such a forced march to Utopianville).

Look, the school had a security system (buzzer door, security glass)  and they did the requisite safety lockdown drills and the like.  The school district, apparently, did believe that they were lacking and tried to account for what they thought were the reasonable threats.  But, just like with 9/11, no one thought a mental case (as the reports have shown) killer (who killed his mom) shot out the window next to the security portal.  After all, who thought people would use jets as human guided missiles?

So, the low life, bottom fishing lawyers who are more concerned with a contingency fee (or better yet, a class action reward in the millions as the really aggrieved get mere certificates) have launched headlong into the grind, not for true justice, but just a paycheck (or a buy out of an “agreement” is reached).  While there might be a veneer concern (maybe heartfelt, but I believe more just a bad case of “media chest thumping”), the large figure, $100 million, is just a “begging” for a settlement that will enrich the gutter barrister at best – and will do nothing to actually, you know, solve a problem.



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