Is James Pindell calling Andy Leach the Second Coming of this guy?

by Skip

Andy Leach: Andy continues to establish himself as Kelly Ayotte’s enforcer and the muscle behind her political machine. His behind the scenes moves this week dramatically shaped the chairmanship race more than most people realize. Andy’s work doesn’t always earn him friends (see the Grok post), but he’s quickly becoming the most effective person at establishing order and discipline in an otherwise chaotic New Hampshire Republican Party. Ayotte is lucky to have him on her staff.

James, I’m surprised at you, equating boyish looking Andy Leach with this guy!

Hmm, you might be right as he does work for a member an organization called the Five Families, yes?  A ‘fixer” and a path-clearer, as you say.  Would this be setting up a path for Jeb Bush for President?  From one family dynasty for another?  Always nice to have a compliant NH GOP Chair with which grease the NH political pathways?  After all, Wayne MacDonald was much more willing to entertain a Mitt Romney than, say,  “non-Establishment” type candidate, right?  A dollar and a string, baby!

So James, does this (Jeb Bush) answer your other question:

“So, the only reason Kelly Ayotte is backing Jennifer Horn is because she asked Ayotte first?  Really?”

 Is this why the Five Families is also trying for a “First Strike” against Andrew Hemingway?  And if they do, would that be playing their hand too far, too fast, and too obviously having already done it to Cliff Hurst?  After all, didn’t things end badly in the end for Luca?


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