im41 has some rules for Bloggers to defeat Libs

by Skip

He asked a number of bloggers what they believe the “rules” are to help recover what happened in November and in the culture in general.  Here are a few of them:

Of course: Andrew Breitbart:  War!

Atlas Shrugs: A complete reevaluation of the opposition strategy is needed. The Republicans have failed. The Republican Party has failed…..

Moonbattery:  Be relentless. Liberalism is like rust; it never stops corroding every aspect of society. That’s we why can never stop fighting it…

(It’s BigFurHat) There is no denying that American culture is on the decline. Most people. left and right, agree. Where we split politically is which way the finger of blame points. I think it’s important to be able to lay all societal ills at the feet of progressivism, where it rightly belongs…

(Zilla of the Resistance) Don’t be afraid. Just tell the truth as you know it to be, because if you are thinking it the odds are that someone else is also thinking it and wishing someone would say it, so say it…

Tim will love this one:

 BC (im41) – No more vote splitting: I realize that this will not be as pertinent in 2014, but still the conservative blogging community needs to come to an agreement as to whom they are going to support long before the primaries start…

(The Lonely Conservative) …Until our side finds a way to infiltrate the entertainment and media complex I think we’re all doomed, or at least our kids are…. I see it more as a failure of Republican leadership than a failure of Republican or conservative bloggers…

(Wolf Files)– …Conservatives and libertarians must join forces to save America from the statist liberals…Refocus on the three animating principles of the Tea Party movement…Make Democrats own it. Democrats rarely defend their leviathan government…Use the Democrats’ class hatred against them…In the long term, we must fight and win the culture battle in the news media, entertainment media and education…And finally, prepare now for the Cloward-Piven collapse of our economy. Statists have been strategizing for decades to overburden our economy in order to force its collapse so they can replace it with overt communism. We should start planning right now for that day with the goal of replacing our current economy with actual free-market capitalism instead.

(Angry White Dude) If you’re going to be a blogger, be bold.  Say what you believe and don’t apologize for non-PC beliefs.  Don’t allow your ideological enemies to define the rules of the game…

(American Glob) We must do everything we can to unite Conservatives and Libertarians in opposition to Progressives.



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    Ahhhh . . . Atlas Shrugged. A mediocre, poorly written piece of fiction which, Like Kerouac’s “On the Road” I was fascinated by – as a teenager. And now, cannot get past the first few pages without yawning and putting it down.

  • Tim from Nashua

    It would help if the Republican-type bloggers didn’t try to boot-stomp conservatives and libertarians at every turn. Republicans want the votes, but then say, ”Sit down and shut up!”

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