Gifts That Keep On Taking…

by Steve MacDonald


Democrat Inspired Gifts That Keep On Taking

I don’t typically blog a lot on weekends.  It’s family time, and the house and yard and other matters take priority, but this popped into my head early this morning and has been begging to be blogged.

Gifts inspired by Democrats. Yeah, I know, the possibilities are endless.  Like the Hillary Clinton anti-sniper vest, or Bill Clinton’s guide to fidelity and Marriage, which comes with a special limited edition “humidor.”

Don’t leave out the locals…every girl wants her very own Maggie Hassan Emily’s List Approved Bivalved Speculam (order now and get a Planned Parenthood Gift Certificate for a limited time).  And don’t forget the Ray Buckley commemorative map of the Hague, complete with Hitler mustache.

Here’s one… the Sandra Fluke action figure, with gyrating hips and outreached hand.  And who on your list couldn’t use the Anthony Weiner iPhone App! (I’ll let you work out what that actually does.)  Or maybe an iPod loaded with all of Obama’s speeches…no.  Wait a minute.  Someone already thought of that one.

You know, I could probably come up with another 100 of them, but I don’t have time today, so instead, I’d like our readers to help.  Let us know what your Democrat inspired “gift” would be (in comments) and we’ll post the best ones in an update.   And I’ll come back with a few more of my own when time permits.





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  • Perhaps gift certificates for a “Buckles the Clown” visit to a favorite Democratic Birthday Party…Clowns are creepy anyhow…Perhaps a Framed Hypocritical Oath for Liberal Abortion Docs…I think we should make up some Pink Rubber Hypocrite guns for the those who endorse anti-gun democrats and then join gun clubs.

  • Tim from Nashua

    Obamaphones for all!… Oh wait, that’s already happening…
    Get-Out-Of-Tax-Pledge-Free Cards….The Left is bi-partisan in their giving them out this year.

    The Pull-String Gaffe-a-matic Uncle Joe Biden Action Figures…complete with maniacal laughter mode. Literally!

    The Rahm Emmanuel Never-Let-A Crisis-Go-To-Waste Handbook. Complete with helpful ideas in crisis-making in order to keep pushing ‘The Agenda’ FORWARD!

    • C. dog e. doG

      Tim, you’re on a role.

      • nhsteve

        Uncle Joe action figure…very nice.

  • C. dog e. doG

    Uncle Sammy’s Alphabet Soup: each random spoonful contains initials to at least one government agency, bureau, or department dedicated to your pursuit of nothing.
    – C. dog

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