Friday Humor – a Doctor, a Lawyer, and a Mathematician…

by Skip

A doctor, a lawyer, and a mathematician were having a conversation about the relative benefits of wives and mistresses.

  • The doctor insisted that, from a health perspective, it was far better to have a wife. He talked about stress, relaxation, routine, and other factors.
  • The lawyer contended that it was better to have a mistress, because that way you retain more of your legal rights, she doesn’t own half your property, and so forth.
  • The mathematician said that he could see both sides of that argument, but really he thought it was best to have both.

“Both?”, the doctor and the lawyer exclaimed. “Why?”

“Sure, both. That way, when the wife thinks you’re with the mistress, and the mistress thinks you’re with the wife, you can sneak off by yourself and do mathematics.”



(H/T: Maggie’s Farm)

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