Fiscal Cliff – tax time coming?

by Skip

Nothing else needs to be added for this Obama tax hike:

FISCAL Cliff taxes - singles

Married?  That table is after the jump:

FISCAL Cliff taxes - singles

(H/T: NY Post)

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  • What’s missing from these tables, which are very painful for professionals living relatively expensive lives, sometimes out of necessity, is the pain inflicted at the bottom of the income scale by the elimination of the 10% tax rate (reverts to 15%) and the reversion of the social security tax to its nominal value.
    Relative to income, the poor are treated even worse than the rich if these tax rates expire. (But Bush only cut taxes for the eevil rich. Right!)

  • nhsteve

    Don’t foget that even with the tax hikes it wont even put a dent in the deficit.

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