Data Point – who really voted for Obama (a visualization)

by Skip

Election 2012 - who voted for Obama?





  • Blue = Obama voters
  • Red = Romney voters

The higher the line, the more voters in that particular county

(H/T: American Thinker)

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  • Luke

    Not bad, but a cartogram would be much more appropriate to remove the population density skew. Also a 3D graph is a poor choice because it places emphasis on the foreground and lessens the importance of the background.

    Nice, but you wouldn’t pass any statistics classes with a graph like that.

    • C. dog e. doG

      Pickin’ at nits, once again, Gospel Luke. I suspect the purpose of this graph was to show visually where BozO picked up the most sheople to keep his “Coolness” in the White House. And not surprisingly, the moonbats of the Northeast and LA-LA Land delivered it … good and hard.
      – C. dog lets sleeping nits lie

  • Sam Adams

    This doesn,t show that obazO recieved 128% of Phili vote, Romney 0%. It also doesn,t count for most Fla counties votes being 141% for obazO. Ohio also when over 130% for bazO. How can you get over 100% of the vote, only in ussa?

    • granitegrok

      No, it doesn’t – but I don’t have the full resolution visualization here. Dunno if there is one down to the wards and smaller political sections that are in Philly et al.

      Betcha Voter ID, if well implemented, would remove a lot of that nonsense and fraud.

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