by Susan Olsen

20 innocent children.  Full of promise.  Harming no one.  Dead.  Murdered by a stranger bent on their destruction.   Guns don’t kill children.  People do.

1.2 million innocent children.  Full of promise.   Harming no one.  Dead.  Murdered by strangers with the explicit permission of their mothers.  Scalpels don’t kill children.  In 2011, their mothers and their mothers’ doctors did.

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    You can’t burp a zygote. You can’t put diapers on a zygote. You can’t breastfeed a zygote. You can’t potty train a zygote. Your comparison is “apples and oranges.”

    • granitegrok

      Neither can you burp, diaper, breastfeed, or potty train a baby that is at 8 months gestation – but only the abortion-centrics would claim it is not a baby-to-be. Both the zygote and the baby-in-waiting are the same – a life made from a man and a woman.

      Without the zygote or the baby-yet-unborn, there would be no child to burp, diaper, breastfeed, or potty train. Or see their first steps, hear their first words, be introduced to their first loves, watch their graduations, worry about their new driver’s licenses, or participate in the closure of the circle – their wedding.

      No, you are wrong. It is not an apples or oranges comparison – it simply is that mysterious, glorious, and miracle gift – of Life.

      A kiss from God.

      • IWKAGGP

        This from the mouthpiece that has spewed so much hatred at “certain” segments of the human population (democrats, gays, union members, etc) – Hypocrisy much?

    • Tim from Nashua

      A zygote is not necessarily human, unless it is of the human variety. The human variety is human from conception until death. Life is a gift from God, abortion is Death pre-natally, at the hand of Man. A person’s a person, no matter how small ( or whether it has escaped the most dangerous place for a child in America, the womb).

      • IWKAGGP

        A human zygote cannot survive outside the womb. End of discussion.

        • granitegrok

          No, it’s not. Just because it must be in vivo does not mean that it is any less human than an adult. It has the same cellular metabolism, the same gene capabilities (altho the expression of those genes of proteins and enyzmes are different at that stage than later), and will end up having the same physical characteristics over time.

          Why are you so anti-science?

          • IWKAGGP

            I’m not anti-science at all. Why are you so anti-woman? Or should I say, pro-rape?

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