Announcing HEL—Hatred, Envy, and Lies—the basis of Socialist Statism

by Tim Condon

It is said that you need to know your enemy and how s/he thinks, to effectively respond and counteract. So the following cartoon is instructive.

It is put out by the California Teachers Association and narrated by Ed Asner, a rich movie star and self-described “socialist.” Socialism and other forms of Statism, as I have explained in the past, are based wholesale upon lies. They promise wealth, and bring improverishment. They promise equality, and bring unfairness. They promise freedom, and bring slavery. They promise  happiness, and produce hatred. The video cartoon below illustrates the lies; it calls out for a response from our side…the side of individual liberty, rule of law, protection of human rights (including that of property), and the advancement of free market capitalism…all of which really do produce wealth, equality, freedom, and happiness. (I think Tom Woods at the Mises Institute would be the perfect narrator, by the way.) So here’s a showcase of the HEL (hatred, envy, and lies) put forth by the a certain group of Socialist Statists. Who among us will respond, and speak the truth?

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  • All this proves is that Ed Asner is a damn fool. A classless depraved fool who hasn’t a clue how people earned the money to pay him millions for acting. He should be appreciative instead of vindictive but with an IQ somewhere around room temperature he was easily conned into statist ideology. He really doesn’t understand how the world works –he just follows the party line –they call him a “useful idiot.”

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