And we wonder why we have $16 Trillion in debt to give to our kids…

by Skip

The Feds have that Crack Money and local government just HAVE to get it. How many   Spend in the moment and justify to yourself – Nashua is doing it:

According to Lozeau, up to 60 percent of the funding used to operate the Nashua Transit System is federal money. Furthermore, the nearly $140,000 for the software upgrades will be paid with a federal grant leftover from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funds, she said.

If we don’t use it, some other community will,” Alderman-at-Large Barbara Pressly said of the stimulus money, adding she is very supportive of the project.

One has to wonder as ALL Fed money comes with strings attached; not one word as to what Nashua is on the stick for?  What are the long term costs that Nashua taxpayers will be on the hook  now that the money has been taken?  What are the legal ramifications if Nashua finds out “this ain’t workin’ as advertised”?  And anytime one puts money into government, does it evah gets smaller?  And what is the individual passenger mile cost of this system anyways?  What would be cheaper: running this or giving out vouchers for the private taxis in town?  Hard questions unasked.

Somebody else will” – I bet that phrase has been uttered hundreds of thousands of times over the last few years.  Sure, every State and local community has needs, but I have always been amazed (when a Budget Committee member) at how many declare “hey, it’s FREE money to us!” and fail to recognize (or actively deny) that “our” free money comes at a cost to remotely located taxpayers.  The moral question that they HATE to be asked is “How is it right to require others to pay for something when, if we were on our own and being self-responsible, we’d never start this project?

Sadly when I was on the BudComm, I’d just get that “how much dense can Skip get” from the Liberal / Spenders / “WE HAVE TO DO SOMETHING!” crowd in the audience that came to be rah-rah for their pet project, the other-peoples-money-funded project sponsors, and the BudComm members saying “hey, its for the quality of life!”.  And they never liked my retort of “hey, if we are getting something for “free”, aren’t other people getting their “free” stuff from our taxpayers money?”

Silence was the answer.  Is it just me, am I the only one that thinks “when are the adults in the room stand up and say ‘ no more forcing our kids to not have a future to pay for our present”?

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