About the upcoming debate over private firearms…

by Tim Condon

…and the attempt by Obama and the Democrats to outlaw them, this is really what it all boils down to:

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  • We hear you but the anti-gun zombies do not. LOL

    • allen

      oh, they hear it too..but they’re on the side of the other guys. they want a nice safe working environment for their buddies in the short term, and less resistance to their progressive utopia in the future.

      • Or, put another way, the left is a criminal enterprise, so disarming the public means that we have to buy into their “protection racket”!

        • Now (purposeful pause inserted HERE) I could not have put that better myself, Mike! (thumbs up)

  • Tim from Nashua

    The list of self-protection, via firearms, included a number of elderly defending themselves. That demographic is most likely to have grown up with firearms in the home. If I were to market firearms, I’d include these types of statistics to encourage more of the elderly to buy/own firearms for self-protection.

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