A very ugly autopsy on the Romney campaign…

by Tim Condon

…and a very angry critique of the Republican Party as it exists today, which states in part that…

…as far as today’s Republican Party is concerned, “there’s nothing to speak for — no principles other than accommodation, and thus no message. And until it gets one, something at once fundamentally American and electrifyingly appealing, it’s not going to find its voice.”

I hate to point out that critique (h/t to Instapundit for pointing it out), but it is important to read and understand it. So please do.


Because the writer is spot-on in some parts of the critique, but unfortunately wrong about the most fundamental point. He’s making an assumption that simply will not hold up, an assumption about the bedrock question in his column: How are the Republicans going to win national elections in the future?

And that brings me—somewhat counterintuitively—to the New Hampshire Republican Party, and the current race heating up for its chairmanship between Andrew Hemingway and Jennifer Horn, about which I will speak shortly….

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  • No, it is not pretty, Tim –but it does give a picture of where we are especailly the comment by Dagnabit. I hear this from nominal Repubs all the time, “they should do this or they should do that…” about the party ledership. Well, why aren’t they working within the party and help do that? We are the party –standing aside and whining about what the party does or does not do is not going to accomplish anything –I ask them to get in here and help change the leadership. It is easy to complain, difficult to work for the desired change.
    The last ‘graphs of Dagnabit’s contain a truth which is a huge disadvantage we “good guys” have in the never-ending battle. It is our unwillingness to get down and dirty with the bad guys –they are willing to lie, cheat and steal and we don’t coutner that very well.

  • News Flash

    Could it be as easy as eliminating the “Next in Line” principle so loved by Republicans. Just think about that for a moment. Who would not have been running for Governor, President or even been Chairman of the State Party.

  • C. dog e. doG

    “Unless, of course, you think it’s all a big game, a racket in which both sides have pretended to fight in order to divvy up the near-boundless swag of the federal treasury and keep the suckers back home happy come election time with a little kabuki and pantomime.” What else are we supposed to think? The proof is in the pudding. Vanilla bean or vanilla franchise? Your choice.

    Until, and if this changes, what’s in it for those who want substantive moves towards freedom in their lifetime – not endless nominals shifts as the Libs move the football down the field – to support the slightly lesser evil Repub candidate? Seems like New Hampshire holds the key, perhaps the only key to unlock this impasse.
    – C. dog


    Did you guys hear what Newt had to say about the Grand ole party recently? He said if Hillary runs in 2016 with support from her “estranged” hubby and Obama that the GOP isn’t capable of beating her.

    • C. dog e. doG

      Won’t that depend on whether Uncle Sammy is bankrupt by then or not? Could be long, long 4 years playin’ Chinese Checkers.
      – C. dog

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