A perfect example of why there is frustration with the GOP

by Skip

Raising Taxes 2012

The grassroots within the Right of the Political aisle formed the TEA Party – Taxed Enough Already.  As being pointed out this morning on the talking head shows, if we go over the Fiscal Cliff, there are more than a few states, combined with Fed taxes that will take effect, will have residents that will be paying over 50% of their income to various levels of Government (as in New York, California, and Illinois – all Blue Model states).  In fact, on this morning’s Meet The Press, US Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) explicitly asked US Senator Dick Durban (D-IL) that specific question: is it fair that an individual has to pay that?

Durban had no answer – he deflected and went on a riff of “poor victims” yet again (gosh, we must be an entire nation of victims?)-

The cartoon above shows the most fundamental problem OF the problem: politicians that have created a problem over the long term, the fiscal cliff,  now trying to fix the problem by raising taxes – whereby the GOP is proving its public bonafides as being the “Dem-lite” party instead of actually hewing to the Platform of less government.  Yet, here they, once again, are working for “slightly less than the Dems”.


They are willing to forget their promises to their constituents that put them into office so as to not be wrung over the fire pit by the Dems or the media.  What knaves!  And then the GOP wonders why the public doesn’t believe what they say?  How’s that gonna work out fer ya long term (hint: ask both Frank Guinta and Charlie Bass, as they were sent to cut spending – and didn’t).

(H/T: Mac)

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