Government or Private: Really, which is “investment” and which is just spending?

by Skip

Government marketplace or Private marketplace?

Remember, there is a reason why the Left is redefining the language that Government no longer “spends” but “invests”.  They hate the idea that investments in the private sector can do far better than Government spending, so they (as in many other areas) try to equate the two so as to totally blur any difference for the low-information citizen.

They want you to forget that with a single, monopolistic Government marketplace, there is no anti-monopoly rules to reign in Government overbearing.  Nor is there competition, which is the actual intent of a marketplace.  Yes, the winners can win far more than what dreams are made of, but there are spectacular failures as well as the private sector is ruthless in punishing failure.  Translation: if you do not offer a product at a price I am willing to pay, I will go elsewhere as you are not serving my wants and needs.  Example: I worked for three multi-billion companies in the late 70s and early 80’s; Honeywell Information systems, Wang Laboratories, and Digital Equipment no longer exist with combined revenues of $30 odd Billion / year.  They failed to adapt to new technologies and new business models; other companies better valued (performance / price) products and thrived.

How often does Government allow its failures to actually fail?  How long does the Govt keep failed and failing programs around simply “because” or a special interest group?

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