You Want The Truth? You Can’t Handle The Truth!

by Steve MacDonald

Ballot-BoxComments are often a great source of amusement, and often suitable for follow up material.  In this instance, in response to my post about Legally stealing elections with out of state voters who just happen to be in New Hampshire, an anonymous commenter using the handle “Speak the Truth” suggested that we just let it go.

Move On. We have an enormous task in front of us – “we” have to EDUCATE the public with the TRUTH. “Dumb cannot be solved with Dumber”


Here is my response,  some “education” about why we can’t move on…

The Truth? You can’t handle the Truth…

The ‘Truth’ is that SCOTUS has already ruled on this in a separate case (Indiana Voter ID Law)–out of state residents cannot vote in whichever state they are in they have to vote absentee.

The ‘Truth’ is that Democrat Judge Lewis probably knew this when he signed off on the League of Women Voters pre-prepared ‘decision,’ weeks before the election but did it anyway.

The ‘Truth’ is that the League of Women voters was one of the groups that brought the suit in the Indiana case and lost it and yet the found Lewis’ and convinced him to overturn the NH Domicile law.

The ‘Truth’ is that Judge Lewis decision still has to go before the NH State Supreme court, who must then determine if it shall be vacated or not.

The ‘Truth’ is, that the influence of thousands of out of state residents not domiciled here, on local elections, is relevant to the case yet to be heard and decided.

The ‘Truth’ is that UNH has significantly stricter requirements for determining domicile for the purpose of charging out of state tuition rates than they require of the same students they merrily ferry to the polls to vote for Democrats who then protect their hypocritical tuition model.

And If it were Republicans, or libertarians, or the TEA Party who had done the same thing and benefited from it, it would be front page news, being investigated by the AG,  and on the lips of every Democrat in the Granite state until someone did something about it.

And that is the truth.

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