Where is Obama’s Help for Sandy Victims?

by Don

President Obama flew to New Jersey for a photo op and to make lots of promises before flying on to campaign events.  Apparently he has forgotten about Sandy and the hurting Americans.

A week later, hundreds of thousands of people in New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut are without power, without running water, without food, living in cold homes, and obtaining gasoline requires wait times of an hour or more.  People and property in some areas are threatened by roving lawless mobs.  President Obama’s promises remain unfulfilled.

Former Mayor Giuliani says FEMA is failing as badly as it did responding to Katrina.

Politicians are long on promises and short on delivering relief.

Glenn Beck has been telling people to prepare for the unknown, some kind of disaster, including stocking up on food and water.  Stephen Colbert got lots of laughs making fun of the idea that people need to stock up on food and water.  I wonder how many of the people who laughed at Colbert’s comments are now hungry and thirsty?  Hopefully none, but hundreds of thousands of people are cold, hungry and thirsty because they didn’t prepare and are now dependent on government to eventually get around to saving them.

People who depend on government are likely to be disappointed…no matter how wonderful the  politician’s promises sound.

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