We’re going down, folks.

by Tim Condon

But this time there’s going to be a documentary for the historians to study; it’s aptly named The Bubble.

The movie explains the coming economic crash, including “Who caused it, who called it, and what’s next.” Included in the movie are appearances by economists, commentators, historians, and investment experts; they include Thomas E. Woods, Jr.; Jim Grant; Marc Faber; Ron Paul; Doug Casey; Peter Schiff; and others.

Go to the movie Facebook page and hit the LIKE button. Then wait for it to come out, just a few months hence.

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  • Sam Adams

    Good job Tim for posting this. theres a short introduction to it on Newsmax, called The Aftershock, under Survival Summit. The dollar will be the victim[collapse] medicine will be Austerity[lack of basic necessitilies[sp]. Half of Europe is going through it now[on purpose of course]. We will have planned downgrade of debt, bond collapse, higher interest rates,100% overnite, dollar depreciation[Big time] Price increases and of course, price controls lead to shortages. Get farm land, get ready for black market trade. Have any gold coins out there?

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