WAR (Updated: Egypt calls for Arab response to attacks on Palestinians)

by Steve MacDonald


(Updates are at the end of the original post)

Israel has had enough of the rocket attacks and has approved “Vigorous Action” against the Terrorist infrastructures in the Gaza strip.  They are calling up reserves, and will initiate a ground force invasion if necessary to stop the attacks on their population.  For the time being, air strikes and other surgical attacks will continue against targets in Gaza.

Simultaneously, the government of Israel is also prepared to Annex the West Bank if the Palestinian Authority (PA) continues to violate the Oslo accords by pursuing state hood through the UN without negotiating with Israel.

Israel would specifically declare sovereignty over all Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria, and assume police powers for the purposes of maintaining the security of those citizens.

Earlier this week Israel also sent a message to Syria; that it will not tolerate their mess spilling over into their territory.

Meanwhile, Egypt, having opened the door to any traffic in and out of the West Bank, continues to have “equipment” massed in Sinai, which I have speculated is part of a regional build up for a multi-front attack.  How those forces will respond to any, none, or all of these recent developments remains to be seen but my suspicion is that we are headed for a regional war with the Muslim Brotherhood and Terrorist groups going after Israel.

Iran will want to take a shot as well beyond their support for Terror groups along the borders.

My over under?  Israel kicks everyone’s butt with or without help from Obama.


Update: Egypt has declared that it will not tolerate attacks against Palestinians and has called for “swift Arab and international action to stop the massacres.”  – Lebanon Daily Star

So are attacks against terror cells that lob hundred of rockets in Israel on a regular basis “Palestinians” from the perspective of Egypt?  I think Egypt will say yes, not because it matters but becasue the Arab Spring in Egypt was all about the Muslim Brotherhood having its own army to the west of Israel.

Additionally, there is also speculation (H/T Joel Pollak- Big Peace) that Israel may consider going after Hezbollah in southern Lebanon as part of this strategy to remove that forward Iranian supported presence, as a prelude to direct attacks on Iran.  As long as rockets can rain from Gaza, Lebanon, or the West Bank, Iran will feel that it can respond to any action directly.

Egypt, as I suggested a few months back (and above) is just another major piece on the regional board that is now in play.

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