“Want fries with that?” is not in the working vocab for these graduates.

by Skip

From Business Insider (via BroBible) comes this list of what some college BA / BS grads can expect:

Position Starting Salary Mid-career Salary
Statistics $49,300 $99,500
Computer Science $58,400 $100,000
Applied Mathematics $50,800 $102,000
Computer Engineering $62,700 $100,500
Electrical Engineering $63,400 $106,000
Nuclear Engineering $66,800 $107,000
Chemical Engineering $67,500 $111,000
3. Actuarial Mathematics $56,100 $112,000
2. Aerospace Engineering $62,500 $118,000
1. Petroleum Engineering $98,000 $163,000

All depend on mathematics and engineering skills (STEM) – arcane “studies” grads are not going to get these types of compensatory rewards.  Unless you are a genius, you will work hard, often very hard, to get that degree.  But you will have a marketable skill. On the other hand…

…”firies” may well be asked by those on the flip side.  When young skulls full of mush go into womyns studies or LGBTQ <insert the latest letter here – I can’t be bothered to keep up with the latest self-proclaiming aggrievance / victim / oppressed group – I have code to write>  or some other course of study that have few real entry level jobs and spend 10s of thousands in tuition and only get thousands of debt in return – I blame their parents for not warning them (course, if the kid ignores it, more “I told you so!” free passes to those parents!) and their college academic advisors should be on the hook for a piece of that debt (averaging about the price of a new car: $27K)

The real sad thing?  With Obama nationalizing the student loan biz, and all these grads coming out with no job prospects in the Obama economy, we taxpayers are going to get the shaft.

Heh! The Youngest went with us on a trip this past week and I stopped at a gas station to get a Dew and a couple of other things.  The counter person rang it up and I handed him a $20.  Computer register came up with the amount of change  and THEN I asked the Youngest if he had change so I’d just get bills back and no coin.  He smiled broadly as he knew EXACTLY what I expected to happen when he handed the exact change to the cashier – and yes, dumbfoundedness ensued.

I don’t have to wonder if he was an Engineering student.


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