Wal-Mart Walk Out

by Steve MacDonald

PeopleofWalmart_logoI know where I am going to shop on Black Friday.  Wal-Mart.


Because pro-union groups are agitating Wal-Mart employees across the nation to walk-out on Black Friday.  Unions have been trying to ruin Wal-Mart’s price advantage for years, particularity since they got into the grocery business; grocers unions were pissed and still are.

Overall the complaints are the same.  They claim the employer is unfair.  Maybe they are.  But I’ve been an employer.  I’ve run business.  I know what goes down during the application , interview and hiring process.   In past jobs I’ve hired thousands and fired more than a few.  And this relationship can be summed up with this pull quote from this Fox news article.

“If you come into a workplace knowing that’s an agreement you might have to make, then that’s your choice to have that job,” shopper Rae Luce told the station.


If you apply at Wal-Mart you know that many of these stores are open 24/7 – 365, and they are all open on Holidays.  Even if they don’t tell you that in writing (or you just miss it or ignore it) as a customer, you know the deal.   You know who Wal-Mart is.  You’ve probably even shopped there on those days.  You were told about pay, and benefits, hours, requesting time off, all of it.

No one made you apply. No one made you go to the interview.  No one made you sign the Application, W2, I-9, uniform policy, or any other document related to accepting employment.  And you can quit any damn time you please.

But if you think this will work, in this economy, and Wal-Mart won’t just replace your cry-baby ass as fast as it can, let me tell you –I have fired people smarter than you myself.  And rule number one is no matter how good they are the minute an employee thinks, acts, or starts to behave like you as an employer cannot live without them, you show them that you can, and if they don’t get the message, you show them the door.

Wal-Mart has a business to run.  They ran it before you.  They will run it when you are gone.  And you can take that to the bank, because with an attitude like this, a regular paycheck is not something you should get used to.



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