Voter Fraud, Kathy Sullivan? Really, you?

by Ed Naile

First of all, THANK YOU Kathy Sullivan for the opportunity to bring up a relevant subject about “winning” elections:

How many out of state voters were living in your private home this election cycle?

The one glaring example of vote stealing in NH, and how it really works, is your home where you let Geoff Wetrosky, a non-resident vote with your address. Wetrosky was paid for by Candidate John Kerry, to help Mayor for Life Bob. Did you get any RENT from Wetrosky? Did he have HIS name on your electric bill? How is a non-resident campaign thug able to call YOUR home, home?

Now Kathy, in this cycle, did you let any non-residents use your private home as their MOBILE DOMICILE and steal a Manchester vote?

How about signs, did you use your voter fraud motel as a drop off point for stolen signs like you did in 2005 when the Manchester cops showed up and caught you and Wetrosky?

But there is no prosecution of or investigation into voter fraud like the kind that went on at your voter fraud motel because NH officials do not prosecute political pals?

How does a non-resident use a single family home in Manchester as his MOBILE DOMICILE? Are you a college professor. I hope not.

Is your home a multi-family dwelling” I checked your assessment card and you do not have it listed as such.

Don’t the Democrats squeal like little pigs at the thought of election fraud when it is supposed to be aimed at them, but stealing votes is no problem in the Sullivan residence on Mammoth Rd.

As luck would have it, I am still a litigant in the Judge Lewis case in Dover and I will be using YOUR shining example of election fraud as what re-defining domicile means when it is in the best interests of your voter fraud motel.


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  • Not that you are interested in the actual facts, Ed, but I will go ahead and remind you that voter lists are a matter of public record. Your rhetorical question “Now Kathy, in this cycle, did you let any non-residents use your private home as their MOBILE DOMICILE and steal a Manchester vote?”I was unable to find any evidence that anyone is currently registered at Ms. Sullivan’s home address besides herself and her spouse.

  • C. dog e. doG

    Nailed it again, Ed!

  • Ed Naile

    Here are some facts about same day NH Voter suppression:
    It takes weeks, or months, to get a database with the CURRENT voters from any residence in NH because when Democrats held the political reigns the last time they gutted our election laws. And now these lists cost a fortune because of the Democrat’s voter suppression campaign.
    Here is how it works.
    A person can walk into any poliining place from any other state (so far) and vote in NH as a same-day voter. No NH ID required.
    Then it takes weeks or months to get THE LIST of these new non-resident voters onto the current checklist list. Some municipalities try to skirt providing the list of same-day non-resident voters by claiming they do not have one – they offer the corrected list and make voters wait weeks.
    Example: It took some time to get the page from the Manchester Checklist with Geoff Wetrosky’s name on it using Kathy Sullivan’s house as his “residence” but we got it.
    Only someone without a hint of knowlege about how elections work in NH would think a current list would have that info on it.
    A person like that, if a State Rep., would be just dumb enough to get a seat on Election Law.

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