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This Is What Real Journalism Looks Like – Tales From The Campaign Trail

Stacy McCain's nomadic office environment, somewhere in suburban Cincinnati

When the going gets tough in the heat of a campaign, the tough get going. When you want to know what’s really going on at those far-distant campaign rallies and you suspect that the Lamestream Media are holding back just a teeensy bit of the truth: THAT is when you want to read the straight scoop from a real journalist on the ground following the fortunes of the campaign, and picking up the signs that Journ-O-Listas (those who get their feed from the journ-o-list) overlook. Just for example, you may read elsewhere (AP, we mean you) that the crowd in Ohio tonight was smaller, or less enthusiastic, but with Stacy McCain on the case, you don’t just get his estimate, you get the number from the fire marshal, the count from the metal detectors, and sundry anecdotal evidence to back up his statements.

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This quality of observation doesn’t come cheap, or easy – hundreds of miles on the road, many days away from home, nights on couches of friends and relatives, fast food and faster cigarettes, too much caffeine, etc. Stacy and colleague Ali Akbar (National Bloggers Club) have been on the road for more than a week, and are going to be following the trail all the way through Pennsylvania, assorted blue states, through NH to Dixville Notch, and on to the Romney victory party in Boston Tuesday night. See if YOU can spot the fedora as he passes through in pursuit of the story.


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