The real cost of Obamacare – one individual’s lament at being hurt, not helped

by Skip

Emphasis mine – and I thought that “Progressive Government” is supposed to solve problems – not make things worse?  It’s like I have said for years: The Bigger the Government, the smaller the citizen.  In this case, my friend sees himself getting smaller thanks to Government decisions “for him”.


The numbers were posted yesterday. Looks like a 10.5% increase, or $600/yr for me.  That brings my annual premium to $6,271 (or 50% of the cost) for 2013. This is the high deductible plan, and does not include the HSA I now have to fund ($100/bi-wkly).

So lets add the numbers up… my taxes are projected to go up $3,700 starting Jan 1st.  Add to that the loss of the college deduction for $2,500 (e.g., American Opportunity Credit), and the $600 for Obamacare + $2,600 for HSA, and just these 3 things equal bring the total for Jan 1st to $9,400 – more than I spend for a semester of my son’s college tuition.

So come next fall, when my daughter, son #1, and son #2 are in school, I will probably give up healthcare insurance to pay for tuition. Simply stated, it appears Obama’s education plan is to drive up the cost of healthcare so education becomes a non-starter. Because hey, a college education would lift individuals above their government dependency. Besides, who needs another meteorologist or engineer – cars will be banned in four years for not being green enough. So move to Colorado, light up and be happy. Your recreational habit is probably covered with a prescription under Obamacare.

Meanwhile, Congress exempts itself from healthcare insurance premiums, and from 401K (retirement) contributions,but give themselves a COLA (Cost Of Living Adjustment), voucher programs for K-12, and tuition reimbursement for college classes.

Romney can afford to be gracious in defeat – he (& Obama) spend more on their suits than I spend on my monthly mortgage.  Me – I’m bitter…very bitter.

Apparently, the 47% all vote.

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