The latest on the Free State Project…

by Tim Condon

…which is still growing! Despite some silliness from some self-described Freestaters—such as gratuitous law-breaking or fevered talk about “anarchy”—the movement is healthy, continuing, and even maturing.

In fact, many people moving into New Hampshire now as part of the Free State Project migration don’t even bother to identify as participants. Thus, the “official” count of just over 1,100 who have moved to the Granite State is probably understated.

In the meantime, the otherwise disastrous results of the Presidential election should actually help the Free State Project. Why? Because the re-election of Barack Obama to the Presidency guarantees that deficit spending and statism will continue to increase, thus accelerating an eventual economic crash that has become inevitable. If you believe it will occur—and who with even rudimentary knowledge of economics doubts it?—where do you want to be living when it happens? What type of people do you want to be living around? If your answer is people who understand personal responsibility, believe in entrepreneurial free enterprise, take care of themselves and their loved ones, and neither ask for hand-outs nor harbor resentment toward the success of others…then you’re talking about what New Hampshire will increasingly become as more and more of us “make the move.”

The current president of the Free State Project puts it well in the in in the latest Free State Project newsletter: “We have to concentrate in one place if we want to effect real, tangible change. Things are only going to get worse. More wars, more welfare, more police statism. It’s easy to sit around and complain. It’s much harder—and much more meaningful—to put your money and life where your mouth is, and move to pursue Liberty in Our Lifetime. OUR lifetime. Not floating cities or jungle escapes, but in a safe and prosperous place where you can settle without any undue hardship today. What are you waiting for? In New Hampshire you will find refuge, working with a thousand-strong community of like-minded, dedicated, intelligent individuals and families to ensure a better future for you and yours.”

That’s Carla Gierke, President of the Free State Project. And she’s right.

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