Thanksgiving Day message from our Government: ah yes,THIS is what we pay good money for…

by Skip

Yes, where would we all be without them – so lost in so mismanaging our lives?  Once again, the taxpayer funded US Govt (aka, our supremely concerned Nanny State) believes that we taxpayers need reminders to watch out for ourselves as we celebrate time with family and friends in thanking God for the bounty He has given us.

Sidenote: except for perhaps Obama who, once again, decided that giving thanks to God is semi-redundant for His Obamaworshipness:

“…We’re also grateful that this country has always been home to Americans who see these blessings not simply as gifts to enjoy, but as opportunities to give back. Americans who believe we have a responsibility to look out for those less fortunate – to pull each other up and move forward together…”

Yes, we have ourselves to thank – all together now as yer movin’ FORWARD! together to that cliff/tipping point with us, like it or not! Can’t he leave the political stuff alone for just ONE speech?

Yes, these same folks who are otherwise indistinguishable from the rest of us except that we pay the taxes that form their pay checks.  Anyways, here are the pithy pronouncements for we plebes for this Thanksgiving Day; from CNSNews is this post:

Gov’t Tells Americans What to Discuss at Holiday Dinner; Declares Thanksgiving ‘Family Health History Day’

( – The Thanksgiving holiday comes with a series of advisories and admonitions from your favorite Uncle Sam:

Boiling down, do you really think that Govt would send a message that actually meshes with the real reason for today?

  • Transportation Department – “buckle up and slow down,”
  • FDA – watch those meds carefully when travelling to keep them away from the kiddos (gee, did they want us to buckle them in too?)

  • Surgeon-General  – “create a family health portrait” (Yeah, I wanna hear all about your gall bladder and kidney stone attack, Grandpa; cousin Lindy, I really don’t want to see your perennial rash).  And like all true Progressives, they just can’t resist redefining holidays (Remember, Obama wants us to remember 9/11 as “Service Day” instead of remembering those we lost) – I did not know that according to the Surgeon-General, this is the ninth annual Family Health History Day.  Yeah, I wanna start making a list of my relatives for Obamacare…
  • U.S. Agriculture Department – “sample local businesses” (that’s right folks – juice it for Uncle Obama!  Remember Aunt Pelosi said that your unemployment check was there to was the best thing EVAH for stimulate the economy).
  • USA.GOV – also wants to know that anytime we don’t know how, or forget, they have some great ideas on how to shop smart tomorrow.

Gosh, I never really realized that I had Thanksgiving Day so horribly wrong!

Yes, they do think us to be all that stupid…




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