So, will the NH GOP Executive Board do as the requestor asks?

by Skip

To the NH GOP and Chairman MacDonald:

I respectfully request that Chairman MacDonald and all of the executive staff of the NH GOP resign their seats immediately.  The returns from this past Tuesday are disgraceful and reflect a Party and Leadership completely out of touch with constituents.

For the first time in my life, I can say I am ashamed to be from NH.  The performance of yourselves and your staffs was, to be polite, abysmal.  Please resign immediately and allow true freedom-loving republicans to rebuild and rehabilitate this sad sack Party that the NH GOP has become.

Thank you,

-Bob Southard

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  • allen

    won’t happen. people in power do not give it up without a fight. in particular if they think they did nothing wrong.

  • Most of the Executive Board will be elected in the next few weeks. Delegates will elect members to the county and city committees, then those committees will elect their chairmen and later will elect the State officers and Area chairs. The county chairmen, city chairmen, state officers, and area chairs are the bulk of the e-board. So most of the e-board can be replaced in the next two months. It’s up to the delegates and the people they elect at their upcoming county and city meetings.

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