Seasoned Greetings

by Steve MacDonald

The Holidays are upon us.  It’s that special time of year when atheism gets more Constitutional religious freedom than any actual religion, the lefts devotion to separation of church and state does not prevent union government employees from enjoying paid days off for…religious holidays, and we get to remind ourselves that what believing in a power greater than yourself really means is trusting a godless government that fears no power greater than itself to act as our moral compass.

I don’t have to give you examples, the social and economic decline that has paralleled my life (at least) is evident all around us….but I will anyway.

SO let us give thanks for Obama phones, IPAB, Food stamps, out of state college kids deciding who will represent you in government, abortion and contraception, the stampede of doctors away from the profession, fiscal cliffs, higher taxes, fewer jobs, more regulation, the decline of rich white guys, and all the hypocrisy that goes with all of it.


By the way.  Don’t forget to go to and check out the Democrats Thanksgiving cheat sheet. You’ll actually have to look at a previous years version as there does not seem to be a new one for 2012–I couldn’t find it.  (Wrote about last years here and 2010 here).  Of course the DCCC Cheat Sheet was never about being thankful.  It was about reminding relatives why they never spend time with the mocking birds who parrot its drivel.


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