Ron Paul and Ann Coulter….

by Tim Condon

Ron Paul recently said “My presidential campaign proved that standing for freedom brings people together. Liberty is popular, regardless of race, religion, or creed.” On January 10, 2012 Ron Paul came in second in the New Hampshire GOP primary, garnering 23% of the vote. He never came close to that vote percentage in any subsequent primary.

In the meantime, the young Republican club at Fordham University recently invited best-selling conservative author and pundit Ann Coulter to come to speak at the school. After the university president took the time to issue a statement viciously attacking Coulter, the young Republicans meekly backed down and withdrew their invitation. You can read an article about the matter HERE in Salon. The comments after the article are more revealing than the article itself: I read dozens of them, searching in vain for one person who was worried that free speech and inquiry might be getting stifled (and in the heart of a university, a place supposedly dedicated to free inquiry and debate). Not one comment raised any concern about freedom of speech. Almost all were dedicated to hate-filled attacks on Coulter.


“Liberty is popular” in America? Is it? On the contrary, I think things are accelerating in the opposite direction.

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