Ron Paul and Ann Coulter….

by Tim Condon

Ron Paul recently said “My presidential campaign proved that standing for freedom brings people together. Liberty is popular, regardless of race, religion, or creed.” On January 10, 2012 Ron Paul came in second in the New Hampshire GOP primary, garnering 23% of the vote. He never came close to that vote percentage in any subsequent primary.

In the meantime, the young Republican club at Fordham University recently invited best-selling conservative author and pundit Ann Coulter to come to speak at the school. After the university president took the time to issue a statement viciously attacking Coulter, the young Republicans meekly backed down and withdrew their invitation. You can read an article about the matter HERE in Salon. The comments after the article are more revealing than the article itself: I read dozens of them, searching in vain for one person who was worried that free speech and inquiry might be getting stifled (and in the heart of a university, a place supposedly dedicated to free inquiry and debate). Not one comment raised any concern about freedom of speech. Almost all were dedicated to hate-filled attacks on Coulter.


“Liberty is popular” in America? Is it? On the contrary, I think things are accelerating in the opposite direction.

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    You guys don’t care about free speech Mr. Condom . . . that is why this post will be blocked.

  • And for all the principled libertarians who populate these pages, the ones in the bottom tier of Ron Paul’s supporters are no more for free speech than an occupod.
    I hope Rand Paul runs, and I hope that he attracts principled libertarians, leaving the messiah seekers to look elsewhere.

    • C. dog e. doG

      I hope so too, but how many establishment RINO’s do you think will vote for him? My guess, he garners about the same number as pops, maybe fewer if the Messiah seekers glom on to someone else. So, another Romney Redux? Or do we get a fresh-faced RINO on which to waste another vote?
      – C. dog

  • KenEyring

    I think you are correct twice; I believe that Liberty is popular in America, and also that things are accelerating in the opposite direction.

    I believe the challenge that we face as liberty loving Americans to restore our country’s values is to get people to realize that the pressure of being politically correct is intended to keep the silent majority silent — and that they need to speak up!

    I will not participate in that game. People are frightened to be accused of being labeled with a derogatory term… racist, teabagger, radical right wing nut job…

    Anytime anyone disagrees with the president on any issue — they are labeled a racist. It doesn’t matter what position the president has taken… if you disagree then you must be racist.

    If/when that happens to me I will not only wear it as a badge of honor — I will use it as a tool to fight back. I encourage others to join me.

  • Keith Smith

    Ron Paul had 25% in the VT Primary, 40% in VA and 24% in RI.

  • Ron paul lost credibility with practical libertarian-Americans when he refused to endorse Romney. Obama thanks him

    • C. dog e. doG

      Blessed art Ron Paul among free peoples. May they populate the Grate State of New Hamsters and overrun the RINO’s.
      – C. dog, sans latex

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